30 January 2011

Sunday Supper - Chinese Make-in

I love Chinese food and I've never been great at cooking it myself but with the poor Chinese delivery options in Boston, I thought I'd give it a shot.  So here's my Chinese make-in instead of take-out.

I bought some steak and string beans and thought I would have them with rice but remembered that I had a package of Asian noodles on hand.  I marinated strips of steak for about half an hour in a marinade made with soy sauce, white rice vinegar, sesame oil and corn starch.  Then I sauteed some garlic in sesame oil, cooked the steak for a few minutes and added the string beans.  Once the string beans had cooked for a couple of minutes, I added in a sauce made of the same ingredients used for the marinade plus a bit of chicken broth and some scallions.  Let this simmer and thicken for a few minutes.  While this is all cooking, I cooked the noodles for under 5 minutes, drained them and then pan fried them for a couple of minutes.  Then I mixed it all together and there it was.  My substitute for Chinese take out and it was really delicious.


  1. Sounds delicious and I have to make a Chinese dish this weekend coming!!!
    It may be this one!!!