28 January 2011

Ladies who Lunch

It's Friday thank goodness and for me it was a short one.  I worked less than half a day because I had a luncheon to go to so I spiffed it up a bit.  The lunch was to benefit Dress for Success and was held at the Copley Plaza Hotel.  Dress for Success is a truly wonderful organization and if you don't know anything about them check them out here.  Either way, donate your old clothes and accessories next time you clean out your closet.

Kate Spade dress, Chanel necklace, Prada shoes

I wore a bright yellow Kate Spade dress that I bought on sale last year.  One of my co-workers commented that I looked like I was ready for spring.  I told him that I'm bucking the winter trend which was overheard by someone else as a word that rhymes with buck (yes that too but I kept the language clean)! 
European Replica ring, Louis Vuitton ring
I doubled down on the rings but it didn't last long once I got to work.  It was too difficult to type.  Is it too much together?

Prada shoes

I wore a pair of black patent Prada shoes that came out of the archives of my closet.  Do you remember when Prada was doing these angled heels?  I love the shape of the heel and the chunky chain detail.  It felt good to wear something other than the black and grey that I've been wearing; how you feel on the inside really radiates out.  Even though I was bundled up as always on my walk to work, my ever present personal peanut gallery was out smoking his pipe and hollered "Good morning, Hollywood!  Looking good baby, looking like a million dollars!"  And I felt like a million bucks too.

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