31 August 2010

The Paige skinny cargo

On this past weekend's shop-a-thon in NYC I bought the Paige skinny cargo pictured below.  I had tried on the J Brand houlihan but the fit just didn't work for me.  It was a surprise because typically J Brand fits me quite well, but in this case it just didn't work.

I think I'll glam up the Paige cargo with a fancy sequin blazer a la the Willow one below (though I'll certainly be looking for something at a much lower price point!) and a pop of color with a bright bag. 

30 August 2010

Vixen in Venom!

J Brand pencil wax coated jeans in venom wash

OK so I may be the furthest thing from a vixen but boy, these J brand wax denim jeans in venom are hot, hot, hot.  I'm looking forward to donning these hot little numbers with my new bright, bright blue Mulberry booties that I posted about here.

Pair hot waxed jeans with bright blue booties.  Give the look a classic twist with a trusty Chanel bag.  Top with a fun T and tweed blazer like the Red Valentino bow t shirt and the Smythe one above and you're ready for fall.  Now add that Smythe blazer to my wish list!

29 August 2010

Second Chances

On this most recent jaunt to NYC, my sister kindly pointed me in the direction of a fabulous vintage/resale shop.  They sell loads and loads of Chanel, Hermes, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and more.  I am not good at finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, but at A Second Chance, you don't have to be.

I bought these fabulous Chanel earrings (circa 1994) that are big and bold and I love them. 

You can find A Second Chance at Prince and West Broadway in Soho or on the Upper East Side on Lex between 77 and 78.

Hurricane Season

A weekend away requires several magazines, my kindle, possibly my ipad and ipod.  This weekend also required Louboutin new simple pumps, Chanel cross body bag, Top Shop dress, BR 5 pocket leggings

As anyone who has ever lived in Florida knows, we are in the midst of hurricane season.  What most people don't know is that in Boston's South End, hurricane season can come at just about any time.  The most recent strike was Hurricane Lissy in a flurry of packing for a NYC weekend.

A NYC weekend should be relatively low maintenance especially when one considers the fact that my accommodations have more than the necessary amenities.   I usually stay with my sister and her husband which requires me to bring no toiletries, very few lotions and potions and just about no hair styling tools.

But anyone who knows me well knows that packing light is not a skill that has ever come naturally to me.  While I have gotten much, much better over the years, I still have a very strong desire to have the perfect outfit, accessory, lipstick, etc for every occasion.

So despite the fact that I was only going for two days, the act of packing takes me days of thought about what to bring, numerous checks to weather.com and several hours of actual packing time.  Not to mention the untidy bedroom I arrive home to as a result.

24 August 2010

Polka dots to brighten a dreary day

H&M dot ruffle neck top, black ruffle sleeve cardigan from Kate Spade, Banana Republic 5 pocket legging, Chanel flats

If there is one thing you can count on in Boston, it's that you can never count on the weather.  Even though it is still officially summer, it certainly felt like a fall day today.  It was grey and dreary and in that vain, I dressed accordingly.  But just because the weather brings me down, doesn't mean my outfit has to.  Even an all black and tan outfit can add a bit of whimsy with some polka dots and ruffles!

22 August 2010

Fall Trends

Hot or not?

There seems to be several versions of the high heeled hiking bootie as seen here.

Tory Burch Halima

I must say this look to me is reminiscent of the high heeled sneakers we saw a few years ago.  What inspires one to design such shoes and what about this shoe entices buyers to buy it?  This is a trend that I just don't get.

But the electric blue Mulberry booties I spied at netaporter, I would totally rock them.

Mulberry Postman's Lock leather boots

Now the kitten heel is back and this is something I can get into.  Don't get me wrong, my wardrobe of stilettos will not sit idle but a kitten heel every now and again is something I'm thrilled to mix in.  (like the leopard Jimmy Choos seen below).
Leopard print pony hair Jimmy Choo pumps available at Saks

Ode to summer

There is almost nothing better this time of year than fresh, local tomatoes in all varieties.  I can eat them every day for every meal.  Tomato sandwiches, salads, with mozzarella or even plain with just a touch of salt.

I buy mine on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Copley Square farmers market and I always buy way too many because who can resist all the gorgeous shapes and colors?!

21 August 2010

The in between....

We're starting to get that weird in between weather where it's still summer in the direct sunlight but come early morn, evening or a spot of shade and there's a chill in the air.  Welcome to New England.  The dilemma is, what to wear??

Here's tonight's answer for a casual dinner in the 'hood.

Fabulous pink suede Miu Miu flats with rhinestones bought in Florence ages ago which have hardly seen the light of day

My trusty black Chanel bag purchased for myself on my 35th birthday

New Kate Spade starlight dinah jacket, H&M grey T and KJL necklace purchased at Elisha Daniels

18 August 2010

Happy birthday Coco Chanel - August 19

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Gabrielle Coco Chanel.   Pioneer.  Entrepreneur.  Style Icon.  Women the world over still celebrate you every day.

My own homage to Chanel

I celebrate you with every pearl I wear, handbag I carry and unconventional fashion choice I make.  You are my inspiration.

17 August 2010

What I want for fall

A fabulous boucle' jacket
D&G boucle' jacket available at Bergdorf Goodman

A pair of black suede booties

Kate Spade bow detail black suede bootie

A classic camel coat

Gucci camel coat

A rocking pair of grey skinny jeans

BR monogram grey skinny jeans

A woven pearl necklace

Lanvin woven pearl necklace

16 August 2010

My fabulous Saturday

8AM - cable guy arrives to yet again try to fix the ever-problematic internet connection (so far so good).  Hopefully the third guy in as many weeks will have had the magic touch.

9AM delivery of the new and uber-fabulous bright orange velvet chair from Jonathan Adler

10AM - took the newly arrived Molly Dee prints to be framed.

Noon - got a very needed bang trim at Jean Pierre and Co. and grabbed this fabulous Kenneth Jay Lane necklace and black cashmere hoodie from Elisha Daniels while I was there.

KJL necklace

black cashmere hoodie

5PM - go see Eat Pray Love with my best gal pal Elisha.  My assessment of the movie is the same as of the book; I could have used more 'eat' and 'love' and a bit less 'pray'.  But any movie that features Javier Bardem is total entertainment in my book.

8PM - ate a big, fat juicy burger at the Bristol Lounge

10PM - dessert at Hamersley's (and by dessert I mean 2 glasses of rose' bubbles)

12 August 2010

Do you always carry this much s@@!t in your bag?

A swirl of movie quotes is often dancing through my head.  One of the regulars is from a scene in the Breakfast Club.

Andrew: Do you always carry this much shit in your bag?
Allison: Yes I always carry this much shit in my bag.

My daily reminder of this scene is the ever larger bag du jour I'm carrying to accommodate all the nonsense that I feel the need to carry on any given day.  What is so important that I need to have it with me at all times?

Chanel black patent wallet
Kindle (above) or sometimes my new Ipad
Kate Spade planner (shouldn't the calendar in the Blackberry suffice?  It doesn't though)
LV checkbook (why I carry this I don't know)
LV makeup bag with more lipstick than most people have period.  But this is yet a small subset of the lipsticks in my large array of makeup.
Black studded Prada sunglasses
Building pass for work (goodness knows I need that so I can earn the money to buy all this crap!)

It's a good thing I work out or I don't know if I'd have the strength!

08 August 2010

Groundhog Day in Nantucket

The front lawn of the Veranda House
 When asked about what we do on our annual holiday to Nantucket, a friend of mine described it best.  We wake up, have breakfast, hit the beach, have a boozy lunch, shop the afternoon away (including late afternoon cocktails), go out to dinner, have after dinner drinks, go to sleep, wake up and repeat.  It's a perfect trip especially when coupled with the more than ideal weather we had this year.   

What we still love
The Veranda House is still the perfect place for us to stay.  Great location, gorgeous decor, late afternoon bubbles, more than friendly staff

The Galley's delicious lobster roll(s)!

Afternoon lunches at The Galley

My delish seared tuna with panzanella

Dinner at a new hot spot - this year Dune

What we love a little less:

The shopping in Nantucket used to be fabulous.  At one time there was a perfect mix of high end and mid price point.  The perfect example was the old Gypsy when they had their place on Main Street upstairs.  Years ago I bought a fabulous pair of python Chloe sandals that to this day I still wear and lucky for me, it was an end of September bargain.  And while Vis a Vis was always one of those stores you really had to pick through, you really could find that needle in a haystack as exemplified by the Aris Geldis necklace that literally up to today I still get compliments on (3 compliments today by the way).  But this year's shopping excursion had almost no redeeming qualities.  Basically you can now find for the most part lower end merchandise for which you are totally being overcharged or high end merchandise that is expensive and you can decide if the price tag is worth it.

I bought the gorgeous eggplant Lanvin  blouse above as did one of my friends.  Was it expensive? Yes.  Was it worth it?  I thought so.  But to quote one of my friends "you two have more dollars than sense".  But I love it.  Other than that, I didn't find anything worth buying.  And for me not to find something I want is saying a lot.

We also are totally over The Pearl.  We had initially planned on going night one but as per usual, they not only could only accommodate us for a late reservation but they couldn't even seat us on time.  Instead we marched across the street to 21 Federal and had a fabulous meal.

So that's the good and the not so good.  But don't think we're complaining.  We had the most fantastic trip as we do every year.  I'm already dreaming of this time next year when I can be in such a beautiful place with my more beautiful friends.

07 August 2010

Molly Dee

The Veranda House (Molly Dee painting in the background)
The Veranda House (with the print I bought on the wall)

For the last several years, my girlfriends and I have gone on an annual jaunt to Nantucket.  We stay at the most fabulous little boutique hotel right in town called the Veranda House.  It's charming and friendly but still modern and hip.  A few years ago, they re-modeled the place and it is just gorgeous.  But year over year, the one thing that I never forget is the amazing artwork on the walls.  The artist is Molly Dee and for some reason her work speaks to me.  It's fun and fashion-y but old and vintage as well.  She gets her inspiration from old postcards and vintage family photographs.  I would DIE to buy a piece of her work but each painting is many thousands of dollars.  On this last visit though I bit the bullet and bought two fabulous prints.  In fact, I bought the only two works that she does in prints.

Celebrating Ten by Molly Dee

Nantucket Summer by Molly Dee

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