12 August 2010

Do you always carry this much s@@!t in your bag?

A swirl of movie quotes is often dancing through my head.  One of the regulars is from a scene in the Breakfast Club.

Andrew: Do you always carry this much shit in your bag?
Allison: Yes I always carry this much shit in my bag.

My daily reminder of this scene is the ever larger bag du jour I'm carrying to accommodate all the nonsense that I feel the need to carry on any given day.  What is so important that I need to have it with me at all times?

Chanel black patent wallet
Kindle (above) or sometimes my new Ipad
Kate Spade planner (shouldn't the calendar in the Blackberry suffice?  It doesn't though)
LV checkbook (why I carry this I don't know)
LV makeup bag with more lipstick than most people have period.  But this is yet a small subset of the lipsticks in my large array of makeup.
Black studded Prada sunglasses
Building pass for work (goodness knows I need that so I can earn the money to buy all this crap!)

It's a good thing I work out or I don't know if I'd have the strength!

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