29 August 2010

Hurricane Season

A weekend away requires several magazines, my kindle, possibly my ipad and ipod.  This weekend also required Louboutin new simple pumps, Chanel cross body bag, Top Shop dress, BR 5 pocket leggings

As anyone who has ever lived in Florida knows, we are in the midst of hurricane season.  What most people don't know is that in Boston's South End, hurricane season can come at just about any time.  The most recent strike was Hurricane Lissy in a flurry of packing for a NYC weekend.

A NYC weekend should be relatively low maintenance especially when one considers the fact that my accommodations have more than the necessary amenities.   I usually stay with my sister and her husband which requires me to bring no toiletries, very few lotions and potions and just about no hair styling tools.

But anyone who knows me well knows that packing light is not a skill that has ever come naturally to me.  While I have gotten much, much better over the years, I still have a very strong desire to have the perfect outfit, accessory, lipstick, etc for every occasion.

So despite the fact that I was only going for two days, the act of packing takes me days of thought about what to bring, numerous checks to weather.com and several hours of actual packing time.  Not to mention the untidy bedroom I arrive home to as a result.

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