08 August 2010

Groundhog Day in Nantucket

The front lawn of the Veranda House
 When asked about what we do on our annual holiday to Nantucket, a friend of mine described it best.  We wake up, have breakfast, hit the beach, have a boozy lunch, shop the afternoon away (including late afternoon cocktails), go out to dinner, have after dinner drinks, go to sleep, wake up and repeat.  It's a perfect trip especially when coupled with the more than ideal weather we had this year.   

What we still love
The Veranda House is still the perfect place for us to stay.  Great location, gorgeous decor, late afternoon bubbles, more than friendly staff

The Galley's delicious lobster roll(s)!

Afternoon lunches at The Galley

My delish seared tuna with panzanella

Dinner at a new hot spot - this year Dune

What we love a little less:

The shopping in Nantucket used to be fabulous.  At one time there was a perfect mix of high end and mid price point.  The perfect example was the old Gypsy when they had their place on Main Street upstairs.  Years ago I bought a fabulous pair of python Chloe sandals that to this day I still wear and lucky for me, it was an end of September bargain.  And while Vis a Vis was always one of those stores you really had to pick through, you really could find that needle in a haystack as exemplified by the Aris Geldis necklace that literally up to today I still get compliments on (3 compliments today by the way).  But this year's shopping excursion had almost no redeeming qualities.  Basically you can now find for the most part lower end merchandise for which you are totally being overcharged or high end merchandise that is expensive and you can decide if the price tag is worth it.

I bought the gorgeous eggplant Lanvin  blouse above as did one of my friends.  Was it expensive? Yes.  Was it worth it?  I thought so.  But to quote one of my friends "you two have more dollars than sense".  But I love it.  Other than that, I didn't find anything worth buying.  And for me not to find something I want is saying a lot.

We also are totally over The Pearl.  We had initially planned on going night one but as per usual, they not only could only accommodate us for a late reservation but they couldn't even seat us on time.  Instead we marched across the street to 21 Federal and had a fabulous meal.

So that's the good and the not so good.  But don't think we're complaining.  We had the most fantastic trip as we do every year.  I'm already dreaming of this time next year when I can be in such a beautiful place with my more beautiful friends.

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