07 August 2010

Molly Dee

The Veranda House (Molly Dee painting in the background)
The Veranda House (with the print I bought on the wall)

For the last several years, my girlfriends and I have gone on an annual jaunt to Nantucket.  We stay at the most fabulous little boutique hotel right in town called the Veranda House.  It's charming and friendly but still modern and hip.  A few years ago, they re-modeled the place and it is just gorgeous.  But year over year, the one thing that I never forget is the amazing artwork on the walls.  The artist is Molly Dee and for some reason her work speaks to me.  It's fun and fashion-y but old and vintage as well.  She gets her inspiration from old postcards and vintage family photographs.  I would DIE to buy a piece of her work but each painting is many thousands of dollars.  On this last visit though I bit the bullet and bought two fabulous prints.  In fact, I bought the only two works that she does in prints.

Celebrating Ten by Molly Dee

Nantucket Summer by Molly Dee

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  1. do you have a picture of the nantucket summer print hanging in your place. i am thinking of getting one too and wanted to get an idea of scale. thanks.