23 January 2011

Another Bright Spot

Last night was the last of my birthday celebrations.  I love a birthday that lasts all month!

SOCA/St John top, J Crew skirt, Me Too booties
I wore a silver and gray SOCA/St.John top that I bought on sale last year at Saks and have only worn once.  I was tempted to wear it with jeans or a gray skirt but instead I opted for a pop of pink with a J Crew pencil skirt. 
Chanel earrings and ring
I wore some sparkly Chanel earrings and a Chanel flower ring on my freshly manicured nails with Chanel's black pearl nail polish.

Then I doubled down on the rhinestone bracelets.

We had such a fun night.  We started with bubbles at the bar at the Taj and then had dinner at Prezza in the North End.  One of my favorite things on their menu is the ravioli di ouvo which is a ravioli with ricotta and egg yolk tossed in butter and sage.  There's nothing better than the runny egg yolk mixing with the butter and sage and whatever wasn't eaten up on the ravioli I sopped up with a hunk of bread.  Delish!

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