09 January 2011

Birthday Baubles

The birthday weekend was a whirlwind of so much fun spent in NYC with my family and friends.

Canon G12
Let me start by showing you my super fancy new Canon G12 camera that was a gift from my sister and brother in law.  I'm hoping this will bring great improvement to my blog pics since the picture viewer flips around so I'll be able to see how the picture looks as I'm taking it.

J Crew cuff bracelet
They also gave me this J Crew cuff bracelet with emerald stones that I had seen on our trip to Charleston a few months ago and posted about here.

Necklace from Elisha Daniels
Elisha gave me this multi-chain necklace with three beautiful large stones and an even bigger silver clasp. 

YSL arty ring
My other girlfriends gave me this YSL arty ring with the bright blue stone that I had posted about last month.

Plus the ladies gave me these two Italian cookbooks to provide more inspiration for my culinary pursuits.

Kenneth Jay Lane pin
As if that all wasn't enough, my brother and sister in law found this Kenneth Jay Lane art deco brooch from Net-a-Porter.  How on earth they knew I had been eyeing this, I will never know.

Chanel ring
As a gift to myself, I tracked down this gold and pearl Chanel ring that I've been wanting.

I love every one of my gifts and can't express how blessed I am to have such over the top generous friends and family.  Even better than all the gifts is the time that I spent this weekend with my great friends and my family.  Elisha, my sister and I had a lovely boozy lunch on Friday at Locanda Verde and if you haven't been and have the chance, I highly recommend going.  Every bite of every morsel we ate was so delicious with the highlight for me being the porchetta sandwich that my sister ordered.  Mmmm mmmm.

Even though the whole weekend was spent celebrating, my official birthday dinner was Saturday night at Fille Ponte in Tribeca.  But my birthday cake was my favorite dessert ever which is the ricotta cheesecake from Pepolino.  Years ago we got a taste of it when we had a dinner there and it now often shows up at many family birthday dinners.

I'm sad to see the end of such a wonderful weekend with my family and friends.  But I'm looking forward to wearing all of my new baubles and photographing them with my new fancy camera!


  1. I love the YSL ring
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D and yeay for being a fellow January birthday girl!!