28 January 2011

My Glass is Half Full

Yesterday Boston got yet another 10+ inches of snow and it's hard to stay positive but I'm going to try.  I got myself dressed this morning in one of my spring tops and some red flats in the hopes that would bring my weather induced mood out of the dumps.  Snow and cold be darned!

Milly jacket, Talbots top, Joe's jeans, Roger Vivier flats
I did have to put on my sensible boots for the walk to work but that's OK.  The stairs and sidewalks weren't clear yet but the roads were fine so I walked in the street which I've been known to do regularly.  The streets are always easier to maneuver because there are no crevices from the bricks for heels to get stuck in.  But today for once, I was not alone in my street walking and since misery loves company, I minded the snow an ounce less than I usually would.

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