01 January 2011

Out of a Rut

The New England weather in winter is less than inspiring when it comes to getting dressed each day.  When it's below freezing and the winds are whipping it's difficult to dress for anything other than staying warm.  And I abhor getting dressed for anything other than wearing what I want to wear because I want to wear it (and not because it's warm or practical or comfortable).

Marc Jacobs jacket, J Brand jeans, Glenda Gies handbag
Since it was in the low 50s today, the snow is melting and I didn't need to wear a heavy coat.  I was meeting a friend for dinner in my 'hood and I wore one of my very favorite jackets.  This Marc Jacobs boucle number went perfectly with my vintage inspired Glenda Gies handbag.

Miu Miu shoes
I wore my bright pink suede and bejeweled Miu Miu shoes that I bought many years ago at the Prada outlet outside of Florence.

Chanel pins
I adorned myself with two sparkly Chanel pins; one which I bought for myself last year and one that was a generous gift from my girlfriends for a past birthday.

To ward of the chill, I covered up with a fur trimmed cashmere wrap and hot pink long leather gloves that were a gift from Elisha.

Tomorrow is expected to be more of the same balmy weather which I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to.  I hope you are enjoying your first days of 2011!


  1. Happy New Year to you! We've had some really nice warm temps here, it's been great. A little slushy but great!

    Love the shoes and bag, they're adorable.

  2. I love the shoes! I hope 2011 is even better than 2010 for you!