27 January 2011

Cool Nails

I read piles and piles of fashion magazines and when I do, I often rip pages out that inspire me to buy something new or wear something in a different way.  Often my tear sheets end up strewn about my apartment.  I do remember seeing these really cool two toned nails awhile back and inevitably that page ended up in the never never land of all my tear sheets.  Then just this week, I saw this nail tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, the cherry blossom girl, so I thought I'd give it a try.

This was my first pass.  Clearly Alix has a lot more practice especially with the dark colors.  My version was just too messy for my tastes so I took it off and tried again.

Here's the second pass which was much better surely due to the lighter colors.  I like the idea and I'll try it again sometime.  What do you think?


  1. Oh man, I read piles and piles of magazines too. They're all piled up in a basket right now, waiting for me to get through them. These nails are so cool btw!


  2. Love the nails. They looked even better in person! Cherry Blossom Girl does a red and cream right? You should vamp it up!