01 February 2011

Reminders of Summer

Welcome to my front stoop.  This is what it looks like today after MORE snow.  Wait until tomorrow when we get another 10+ inches.  I arrived home the other day to an unexpected package which to my surprise was a photo from last year's Boston Rose Garden Party.

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department, who throws the party every year, was kind enough to send me this framed photo from last June's party in the Fens.  Since my hat won some award or other, the details of which I can't remember, I was in a photo with Boston's mayor Tom Menino.

David Meister dress, Kate Spade shoes, Tiziana handbag, Gabriel Amar for Frank Olive hat

And here's a picture of me and my crazy hat that I wore to the party.  It's a lovely reminder of summer and warmer times to come.


  1. We need a reminder that the snow does fade... we have similar scenes in Manhattan right now. Great hat ;-)


  2. I definitely need a reminder that the snow will fade. I'm ready to jump out the window! I'm on my way to Manhattan this weekend. I think some spring shopping at the likes af Barneys and Bergdorfs might just cheer me up!

  3. Yikes! I work with people in Boston everyday and I can't believe how crazy your weather has been.