06 February 2011

New Shoes Cure the Blues

Another weekend spent in NYC, another dent in my bank account.  I went knowing I was going to splurge on a Miu Miu bag (more on that in a later post) but I couldn't resist an impulse shoe buy.  We spent a few hours at Bloomingdales and after spending a bit of time in the Miu Miu boutique there, we did a few laps elsewhere.  The laps tend to inevitably include the shoe department where I tried on these gorgeous Miu Miu numbers.

I DIE DIE DIE over how these look.   But despite my many years of training to run around on extraordinarily high heels, I'm loathe to admit that at 5 1/2 inches with a 1 1/2 inch platform, I just couldn't do it.

Instead I bought these oh so practical but still adorable Miu Miu patent bestudded cutout oxfords.  Can't wait to mix them into my spring wardrobe!  When that will be, who knows.  But I'll have happy dreams about them in the meantime.

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