08 February 2011

Spring Shopping at Zara

It's rare for me to take time during the workday to go out for lunch.  In fact, I usually grab something to eat at my desk.  But despite the cold and rain today, I took a little trip out to Zara on Newbury Street.  There was still an over abundance of winter stuff on sale, but there were some new spring things to be had.  Here's what I bought.

Striped boat neck top ($39.90)
I love this striped boat neck top; especially the button detail at the shoulder.  I can't wait to wear this with black cigarette pants and flats.

Sleeveless flounce tops ($39.90)
I love this sleeveless flounce top. I bought it for myself in tomato red but also really liked the forest green.  Since my sis looks so fabu in green, I bought that one for her.

Pleated shoulder blazer ($99.90)

Last but not least, I bought these great spring weight blazers with a little bit of a puff sleeve.  I first decided I would buy the navy but liked it so much that I also bought the tan.

How fantastic is the detail at the sleeve?  These will be spring/summer staples for me, especially since my office building has a hard time managing to keep the temperature comfortable or consistent.  Inevitably no matter how hot  or cold outside, it's freezing inside.  Not that I'm complaining, I'll be thrilled when spring and summer are upon us.

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