23 February 2011

Neon Orange Lips, Bright Blue Nails

Ann Taylor top and cardigan, Joe's jeans, Hermes belt, J Crew shoes

Every day more snow melts and the world seems more bearable.  It's utterly delightful to be able to wear regular shoes.  I love my boots but I am just sick to death of them.  Today I threw on a summery top and lightweight cardigan from Ann Taylor with Joe's bootcut jeans.  I had a major pop of color with M.A.C. neon orange lipstick.

J Crew shoes

But the favorite part of my outfit was a regular (and by regular I mean not winter weather worthy) pair of shoes from J Crew.

Chanel ring, Aris Geldis necklace

I wore another Aris Geldis necklace,  Chanel ring and Essie's Coat Azure on my nails.

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