07 February 2011

Mucho Miu Miu

Sweater bought on sale ages ago at Saks, J Brand jeans, Me Too booties, Miu Miu bag
Let me introduce you to my new favorite Miu Miu bag which was a recent acquisition from this weekend's NYC jaunt (see the shoes I bought in this post).  I got back from my weekend visiting the fam in NYC and dashed off to have a dinner in the 'hood at Giacomo's (South End).  It gave me the perfect opportunity not only to catch up with my friend but also to take my new bag out for a spin. 

The other fantastic feature is that I can wear the bag cross body if I so desire.  And if only you could feel how buttery soft the leather is; it's totally luxurious.  I love the braided strap, the gold hardware and the pleated leather.  My only dilemma was deciding whether to go with black or grey.  Clearly I ended up with the black which means I'll have abundant opportunities to wear it.  I also have to say that the folks working in the Miu Miu boutique at Bloomie's (uptown, not the SoHo bloomies) were so fun and fabulous!

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