27 October 2010

Weekend Wishlist

I feel like it's been ages since I've had a day off of work.  Since I've been so overworked and exhausted lately, I decided to take Friday off and treat myself to a long weekend.  What long weekend would be complete without at least a little bit of shopping?  Here's what's on my wishlist.

Riding Boots

I really want a pair of black riding boots.  Preferably with a cool detail like the ones above.  I especially love the studded Louboutins but I'm definitely not in the market to spend that much.

Camel Coats and Capes

I've also been eying a few camel coats but the more I think about it, perhaps I might like a fun cape instead.

And on a different note, I saw these fantastic Ann Taylor tweed pumps in November's InStyle mag and thought I could really make use of these.  It looks like I might have my work cut out for me this weekend but shopping is the good, relaxing kind of work. 

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