28 October 2010

A Couple Pops of Color

Tiziana handbag
I woke up yesterday to a dreary, rainy day.  Instead of succumbing to it, I decided to add a couple bright pops of color to the day's threads.

Roger Vivier flats
I started with some bright red Vivier flats and a red chain strap bag.

J Crew schoolboy blazer, DVF yellow top
But the red wasn't enough color for me.  How better to break out of the rainy day rut than with bright red AND bright yellow?


  1. I think we need more pics of your closet - how in the world do you organize everything so you remember what you have in the archives that works with your newest and most fabulous finds? I have closet envy...I don't really have archives to pull from.

  2. LOL! Living in a small apartment is quite difficult but luckily I have THREE closets all to myself. But it's still quite difficult to keep track. I'm constantly finding things I forgot about!!