01 October 2010


A fashion lover's job is never done.  When given a challenge, who am I to say no?!
One of my fabulous friends has some black patent booties that are about to be retired.  And sad as she is to see them go, she knows their time has come.  But oh, she laments, what do I replace them with?  No need to fret a moment longer over this.  Here are some options.  Now, while I might die over the Lanvin wedges (I'm a sucker for just about anything Lanvin), I know the price will give most a heart attack.  Second only to the Lanvins are the Louboutins, and while totally crush-worthy, they too are more than most people spend in a month on housing.  So if you're not apt to break the bank for the ever fantastic booties, I would go for the Pedro Garcia versions.  They have the perfect platform that makes the four inch heels seem, well, not quite like four inches. 

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