25 October 2010

Inspired by: Purple Prada shoes

Prada shoes and Tiziana handbag
As I posted the other day here there's a lot of room in my shoe wardrobe for re-discovery.  Well there's a lot to be re-discovered with my wardrobe in general but for today, I'll keep it to the shoes.  After digging out the Louboutins I wore the other night, I took some time to really assess what I could dig out of my closet.  Among many other fabulous pairs of shoes, I found these purple Prada shoes in the recesses of my closet.  So today's outfit revolved around the shoes.

Lanvin ribbon pearl necklace and Emporio Armani beaded necklace
The purple shoes paired perfectly with a multi-colored Anna Sui top in varying shades of blue and purple which I topped off with two of my favorite pearl and beaded necklaces from Lanvin and Emporio Armani and a Zara jacket.  

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