26 October 2010

At the Ballet

I woke up this morning utterly exhausted;  I could barely drag myself out of bed.  This coming from someone who for as long as I can remember has been a morning person who used to pop out of bed pre-alarm clock.  But the one bright spot in my state of exhaustion was the fleeting thought that I could whip up a pretty outfit to perk me up.  But what?

Milly jacket, H&M top, vintage ribbon pearls

Oh ballet pink and ballet slippers, that's what.  I pulled out this light, light pink Milly jacket which I love dearly and don't wear enough.  I bought it years ago on sale at Bergdorf's and it has served me well.  It's perfectly paired with a like color little top from H&M.

Pour la Victoire flats, Marc Jacobs bag
Add some Joe's jeans and brighter pink ballet slippers and I'm good to go.  Oh, and don't let me forget my Marc Jacobs bag!

Michael Kors rose gold watch
As I do each day, I walked the short walk to work to be greeted by the debonaire man that sits in front of my office building just watching the world go by.  He in his ubiquitous fedora and trench, me awash in my ballet pink and he belts out "Good morning Hollywood, how's my baby doing today?!".  Oh and that brings my first genuine smile for the day.  Thanks Mister Hollywood, you are my biggest fan!

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