04 October 2010

Paper Dolls

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Barbie

OK, so I'm not usually one to wax poetic about kids and all that yada yada but while I still have no strong desire to have children of my own, I do have the most darling and adorable niece that one could wish for.  Since she will someday be the beneficiary of what will by then be a collection of vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs (and more) bags and accessories galore, she needs to be schooled from a very young age.  And who better than me is there to provide such an education?
Different Like Coco by Elizabeth Matthews
What better way to start a young girl's education than a children's book about Coco Chanel?  This was the very first gift I gave my niece; in fact she received it while she was still in utero.

I'm constantly buying clothes that she'll wear once and grow out of.  I will certainly continue to do that but if I want to keep up with her fashion education, I've got to really think about how to accomplish this.

Cat Burglar Barbie by Christian Louboutin
Dolly Forever Barbie by Christian Louboutin
Thanks to my sister (who is my partner in crime in the spoiling of the niece), I was alerted to the fact that Net-A-Porter has Louboutin Barbies.  What fashionista eight month old can live without such a thing???

Givenchy Barbie
Every Barbie needs a classicly chic evening gown for dates with Ken.

Jonathan Adler Barbie sofa
And a stylishly decorated pad for entertaining Ken (et al).  So why not a hot pink Jonathan Adler sofa (reminiscent of the bright orange Jonathan Adler chair)?