30 November 2010

Basic Black: It's All About the Accessories

Kooba handbag

I wake up each day with visions of different outfits dancing in my head.  But sometimes the grand visions don't sync up with what actually comes to pass in the never ending rush to drag myself out of bed and chain myself to my desk where I sit for hours on end each day.

Fabric/tulle covered beads from Elisha's shop, Chanel brooch

I ended up throwing on a basic black long sleeve J Crew t-shirt and Banana Republic pants but I spiffed it all up with this flower print jacket that I am now reminded has a matching skirt.  I accessorized with this fun tulle covered bead necklace that I bought in Elisha's shop some time ago, my Chanel pin that I've been wearing to death and a hot pink Kooba bag that I rediscovered in my closet in the recent hangbag reorg.

Me Too booties

And since this was one of those days where I couldn't seem to pull it together, you end up with faceless pictures of me.  I almost forgot to put my makeup on today that's how out of it I was.

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