12 November 2010

Back in Black

Brooks Brothers shirt, J Brand jeans, necklace from Elisha Daniels, coat out of the archives of my closet

OK so I think I've gone totally overboard with the black lately.  I don't know if it's the colder weather or what, but I've been drawn to loads and loads of black with a bit of grey sprinkled in.  So again, even on Friday, the happiest day of the week, I decided to don black.

I threw on a black button down from Brooks Brothers and jeans. The shirt is one of those no iron numbers that you throw in the washer and drier and it comes out perfect.   It was a basic outfit but I jazzed it up with a multi-chain necklace and then topped it off with a coat that I dug deep into the recesses of my closets to find.  And speaking of the coat, take a look at its detailing.

It's got tulle flowers appliqued on the coat with some very small sequins strewn about.  As much as I love the coat, I think it's time to wear some brighter colors for a change.  So here's the plan.  Next week, I'm going to see what colorful cold weather clothes my closet will offer up.