29 November 2010

H&M Designer Collaborations

I'm delinquent in posting about my experience venturing to H&M to try and scoop up some of the Lanvin for H&M goods.  I arrived at H&M on Newbury Street around 7:45AM and thought to myself that the line didn't look as horrendous as I had anticipated.  It turns out it was worse than I had thought. They were giving out color coded wristbands with each color corresponding to a time you were allowed to shop the collection.  Without belaboring the point, there were apparently people who had arrived around 4AM and my arrival time allowed me to shop at 11AM.  I decided that by the time I got back everything would be picked over so I didn't bother but I did take a moment to peek at the merchandise from afar (it was roped off).  While some things did look lovely, they also looked small; I think I would have had to wear the dresses as tops because they looked way short.

In honor of the H&M collaboration with Lanvin, on Saturday I decided to wear the real thing.

Lanvin top, Rogan jeans, Cole Haan boots
I wore my Lanvin top with some skinny jeans and riding boots for an afternoon of lunching and shopping.

Chanel cross body bag
I'm loving this little Chanel cross body bag and the freedom of not carrying around a ton of stuff all the time!

Chanel earrings, Rachel Zoe for QVC ring
I accessorized with the Chanel earrings my girlfriends gave me for my birthday last year and this Rachel Zoe for QVC statement ring.

For the evening Saturday, I kept with the theme of H&M collaborations and pulled out of the deep, deep, deep archives this tuxedo jacket that I got oh, six or seven years ago at H&M when they collaborated with Stella McCartney.  I bought this jacket which is part of a suit and two tops that I still have to this day.  I'll have to pull them out for you one of these days soon.

Stella McCartney for H&M jacket, Joie lace top, Banana Republic pants, Me Too booties
I paired it with these five pocket leggings from Banana Republic, Joie lace top and Me Too booties.

Banana Republic necklace, Chanel brooch

I topped it all off with some multi-strand pearls from Banana Republic and Chanel brooch.


  1. Ooo...what a nice Chanel inspired outfit! You've got some great classic Chanel pieces, and the pearls from BR are gorgeous.


  2. Your Lanvin top is gorgeous!