04 November 2010

Shopping My Closet: Under the Weather

I woke up today feeling off. I guess I'm under the weather, literally and figuratively.  Literally because it was a cold, rainy New England fall day.  Figuratively because with everyone around me sick, I'm not quite feeling right.  Let's hope it's all in my imagination.

Zara jacket, Talbots leather skirt, Ann Taylor cashmere turtle neck

So back to the task at hand; shopping my closet.  As I mentioned yesterday, there's quite a lot that's undiscovered in my closet.  So imagine my delight this morning when I hit the jackpot.  This supple leather skirt still had the tags on.  Can you imagine? 

Marc Jacobs bag, Kate Spade booties, Loren Bell cotton ball pearls
I bought these Kate Spade booties a few years ago at Marshall's and admittedly I'm not usually the best bargain shopper, but these have definitely served their purpose and then some.  The leather and gold bracelet was a street find in SoHo.  There's almost nothing I love more than scoring some great street jewels.  And to top it all off are the Loren Bell cotton ball pearls.  They are quite big pearls that are so lightweight you don't remember you're wearing them.  I love the Loren Bell jewels!

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  1. Great bag and shoes!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!