03 November 2010

Shopping My Closet: Orange Crush

Yesterday I came across this idea on another blog of wearing only 30 items for 30 days and I thought to myself, that might be an interesting challenge.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it might not work for me.  First of all, my closets runneth over.  How on earth would I cut my options down to only 30?  Second, the challenge includes a shopping moratorium and a life without shopping is just less fun.  Add to all that the fact that I'm traveling a bit over the next month which would make both the wardrobe and shopping limits even more difficult and I threw that idea out the door.

JCrew cashmere turtleneck, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, Tiziana handbag

But it did inspire me to really dig into the archives and pull out some things I haven't worn in awhile.

Stuart Weitzman booties

I went overboard on the orange, the patterns and the textures but it was fun!  


  1. I think I could do the 30 items, but the not shopping..., I don't think I could do that. You have beautiful things, I would love take a peek at your accessory collection. That's my weakness.