09 November 2010

Walk with Me - Charleston Part III

The day Sunday was nice and long thanks to the time change.  An extra hour on vacation is a great thing!  My sis and I woke up Sunday AM thinking we'd work out until 1) we realized it was freezing out and I did not bring appropriate outdoor athletic attire for the weather and 2) my stomach was growling like a lion.  A girl's gotta eat after all!

I LOVE this t shirt!
So instead we thought we'd go for a nice walk through town.  There's something so lovely about going for a walk early on a Sunday morning before the rest of the world is out and about.  First stop, Baked on East Bay street for sustenance.  Then on for our stroll along the water and past all the gorgeous homes.

After our stroll, we went back to our hotel to shower, change and meet the rest of the ladies for, you guessed it, our next meal!

The thing about being down South is, I just don't know how anyone maintains their girlish figures.

Fried okra and BLFGT
We headed to Jestine's which is never without a line of people around the corner waiting to partake in the deliciousness that is served up there.  I had the BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato).  I can't resist the fried green tomatoes and it was seriously the best bacon I've ever tasted.

Fried chicken
Darling sis got the fried chicken with a side of mac n cheese.

After being revived once again, we made a quick trip to the shops to run a couple of errands.  While one of us ran in to return a pair of shoes, it didn't take the remaining four of us long to decide to pop in for an afternoon cocktail.

Left to our own devices with idle time, we do tend to find the nearest bar.  For a fly by bloody, these were really good and spicy.  And by the way, it was only $22 for four of them!

Next up, we were ready for some proper history and culture.  We made our way to find a carriage tour of the city.

Only in the South would they have no parking except for worship services!  How do they enforce this?

Our doll of a guide for our carriage tour told us of a fabulous old school speakeasy kind of spot that serves pre-prohibition era cocktails.  Well that sounded right up our alley for an after tour activity.

The Gin Joint
But of all the gin joints, in all the towns in all the world, we had to pick the one that isn't open on Sunday.  Maybe next year.

We did manage to find somewhere to rest our weary feet and have a late afternoon glass of wine.

I'm checking out one of the many cookbooks MJ bought

After two full days of overindulging in the food and drinks, we honestly could have skipped dinner out.  But we were on vacation and soldiered on.  Besides, we had a reservation at McCrady's whose chef just won a James Beard award.  How could we skip that?  Well to be honest with you, it was perfectly fine.  Maybe if we hadn't all stuffed ourselves to the gills all weekend.  And maybe if we hadn't had sheer perfection at FIG the night before.  Maybe just maybe, we would have loved it.  But nevertheless as this gaggle of girls always does, we had a ball.  I'm so very lucky to have great friends to have such fun escapades with.

Charleston, we bid you farewell until next year.

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