22 November 2010

Wishlist: Looc Boutique Boston

Sunday I had a lovely if extremely filling lunch at the Franklin Cafe Southie with my dear friend Julia.  I stuffed myself by eating the WHOLE big burger so I thought it best to walk home instead of flagging a cab.  I made a stop at Foodie's for groceries and then next door Morse's Fish for my night's dinner.  On my way home, I popped into Looc in the South End.  The store itself is just gorgeous and one of my local Boston bloggers (check her out here) works there part time which makes it fun to stop in for a quick chat.  Anyway, there are several items now added to my never ending wish list.

Thread Social jacquard shorts
You know I've been in the market for some fun shorts to don with tights and boots.  Well this jacquard version by Thread Social that I saw at Looc are high up on my list.  Aren't they just fabulous??!!

Camilla James jewelry
One thing that I always admire at Looc is the selection of jewels, especially statement pieces like the ones above.
Tila March handbag
Looc also has quite the selection of Tila March bags like the chain strap one above.  There were several that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. 

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