01 December 2010

Grey Days

Ann Taylor cardigan, J Brand Jeans, Veronique Branquiho boots
It was a rainy, dreary Boston day today and it's on days like these that I'm especially thankful to have a job that doesn't always require me to dress up. 

Ann Taylor Top, Hermes belt, LV bag
I wore this summery Ann Taylor top and cardigan with J Brand jeans and these slouchy grey Veronique Branquinho boots that I just love. 

Chanel pendant necklace and Nava Glazer multi chain necklace
I doubled down on the necklaces with a Chanel pendant necklace and a Nava Glazer multi-chain and leather necklace. 

And I don't know if it was the weather today or what, but twice I was stopped in my tracks by people on the streets with a reminder to smile.  I certainly have something to smile about; I've got Friday off this week so tomorrow will feel like my Friday!

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