06 December 2010


OK, I've had some form or another of a bob for almost as long as I can remember.  Just about a year ago I mixed it up by adding the bangs which I still love.  Here's what my hair looks like now.

For me this is relatively long so I'm thinking I might like to shorten and/or sharpen it up a bit.

I like Agyness Deyn's bob here.  It's short and blunt and looks great on her though I worry that this short and blunt might not work for me.

I also like Katie Holmes' hair here.  It's more angled which I think would help thin out my face which could really work for me.

I'm no fan of Paris Hilton but I must admit I like her 'do here.

I love how shiny and sleek her hair looks here though this would actually require a little growing out on my part and I've found that hair much longer than what I already have usually doesn't work for me.

What do you think?  I have a few more days to think about it but I have a hair appointment at the end of the week and I think it's time for a little change.


  1. I like Agyness or Katie. The last one looks like Cleopatra, and the Paris look is a little too wind-blown.

  2. Oh lizzy your bob is really cute! I love the ypur hair color too!
    I would like to cut my hair too but I don't have the courage ;)


  3. I agree with Ard; I loke Katie's... Do it!