02 December 2010

Holiday Soiree (and Shopping)

Today I got up knowing 1) it would be my Friday since I'm not working tomorrow and 2) I had a fun soiree to go to.

Ann Taylor turtleneck, Hermes belt
I put on a basic black cashmere turtleneck (you can never go wrong) with this fringy, glittery skirt that I think I bought online at Newport News I don't know how many years ago.  I can say that I haven't worn it in a couple years and I probably bought it at least seven years ago.  I wore this ensemble with the ever faithful Me Too booties and a Jojo necklace that I bought at Elisha's shop over the summer but that really has no season.

Jojo necklace, Chanel ring
You can see the necklace better here.  How gorgeous is the royal blue?  And now you can see why I wore the royal blue Tiziana handbag.

Tiziana handbag
When I got dressed for the winter elements, I thought how I would love to have a bright blue pair of gloves to throw on.  I have many colors of gloves (pink, red, orange, chocolate brown, black) but no bright blue.  I also thought I should wear my Mulberry blue postman's lock booties but I knew I would be on my feet and those boots are not made for a walking (they are sitting shoes). 

So at the party at Elisha's shop tonight, I bought these perfect bright blue suede gloves.  And speaking of the party, here are a few more pics.

This necklace is gorgeous and looks perfect with grey now or with all white come summertime.
Judy Sanchez, Elisha Daniels, Tina Sutton

Me and Elisha
I bought this really fun sequin beret that made me feel oh so French!

Unfortunately my photography skills leave much to be desired but this mutli-metal necklace was way cool especially since some of the chains were this khaki color that would be perfect with any military inspired pieces.

These necklaces were gorgeous each individually but even more fabulous together.

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  1. What a great way to wake up, I say! Fab necklaces.