28 December 2010

Blizzard Attire

This is what my street looked like yesterday towards the end of the blizzard.

It still looked pretty but trekking around in it isn't easy.  This kind of weather always poses the what to wear dilemma.  I'm not usually one who dresses with practicality in mind but the weather caused me to make an exception to that rule.
Banana Republic sweater, J Brand jeans
I wore a basic black Banana Republic sweater, J Brand jeans that I bought from Rue La La and my sensible, furry, rubber soled boots.  I know, it's kind of boring but it was warm and cozy and the practical boots worked for my walk to work.  And maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to take a decent picture of myself that doesn't have my head cut off.   I guess that's what I get for rushing the pics as I'm racing out to work.

Louis Vuitton ring, Hermes belt, bracelets from SoHo street vendors

At least I spiffed it up with some accessories.


  1. I despise having to be practical and wear winter boots. Ready for spring.

  2. Oh snow...how I wish you didn't come for so many months a year. You have the perfect cozy outfit right there! And the accessories dress it up perfectly.