19 December 2010

Getting Gorgeous

We all know that it takes a lot of work to get gorgeous every day.  The multitude of lotions and potions is endless.  Here's what's in my arsenal of products.

Pureology products
I switch back and forth between the Pure Volume and Essential Repair shampoo and conditioner.  Each day I use Pure Volume thickening spray pre blowdry and either the Essential Repair leave in conditioner or ColourMax color protection spray. I know you all think my blond hair is oh so natural, but it's not so I need these products to keep my color treated hair eternally soft and shiny.

I definitely splurge on some things but certain things I buy at CVS.  I wash my face with Aveeno positively ageless exfoliating cleanser which seems to do the trick and is pretty inexpensive.  For face lotion with SPF I use La Roche Posay but for extra moisturizing I use Chantecaille's flower harmonizing cream and stress repair concentrate eye cream.  These are definitely on the high end spectrum of moisturizers but when it comes to keeping my older skin looking younger, I'm willing to splurge. 

After all the buffing, fluffing and moisturizing, it's time to put on my makeup.  I love Trish McEvoy's planners.  They just make it so easy to keep everything all in one place.  But I also really love MAC makeup so I mix and match the Trish and MAC stuff.  MAC has the absolute best eye shadow base and believe me when I tell you, it really helps keep the eye shadow on all day.  My favorite mascara is YSL.  I've tried all kinds but I always find myself coming back to it.

Trish McEvoy planner pages

I seriously think I must have just about every color eyeshadow that Trish McEvoy makes!

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