05 December 2010

The Search for the Camel Coat and Other Escapades

Tahari coat, Joe's jeans, J Crew turtleneck

I think you all know that I have been on the hunt for the perfect camel coat.  I was being quite particular which is why up to this point, I still hadn't found what I was looking for.  Part of the problem was the fact that I in fact had found a camel coat that I really liked.  But I was being uncharacteristically frugal and just didn't want to pay full price.  On my last jaunt to NYC I happened upon this coat at Bergdorf's.

But I just wasn't ready to shell out over $650.  Well on this trip to NYC I found the coat on sale for 40% off only they didn't have my size in the camel.  I for some reason decided that I liked the navy better than the camel (on me).  I still love the camel but sometimes you just realize that as much as you think you might want something, sometimes another color is just better suited for you. 

Amidst a Saturday afternoon of shopping, my sister and I realized that we had an extra hour or two to spare so we shockingly decided to fill it with a long, boozy lunch; but where?  We had been uptown and were en route to SoHo when on a whim we had the cabbie drop us smack in front of Gramercy Tavern which was the perfect spot to wile away the afternoon.  This place on a Saturday afternoon never loses its steam.  We arrived shortly before 2PM to still be told that there would be a wait for a table.  No worries, we bellied right up to the bar for a glass of wine.  It's the perfect winter's afternoon place and we were thrilled to spend our afternoon there sipping wine, chatting about the usual nonsense and nibbling on the most delectable of afternoon treats.  We shared the duck liver mousse (which was truly heaven on a slice of bread) followed by the meatball with melted fontina served atop potato puree and homemade kielbasa with cabbage.  Both truly delicious but if I were to order only one again, the meatball would be the winner. 

After our afternoon of indulging in too much food and wine, we soldiered on to finish our shopping down in SoHo.  No SoHo shopping trip is complete without a large sampling of street jewelry but I'm sorry to say that I'll have to fill you in on those details later.  I did buy several fun things however I have my annual ladies holiday gift swap next weekend.  I think I may include some of my finds for our gift swap which means I can't give away any secrets now....stay tuned.

And let's rewind for a moment, shall we?  I took Friday off and met a group of old friends and colleagues for lunch.  As per usual, I was early so I killed some time at Anthropologie and found these shorts.

 They're very close to what I was looking for and a fraction of the price of the Thread Social ones that I've had my eye on.  I hope to wear them soon to show you how I end up wearing them. 

And finally I should mention that I did check out the Givenchy Nightingale this weekend in person at Barneys.  Oh how I must say that this bag is ever more fabulous than the pictures portray.

 It is way more gorgeous in person that you could imagine and it is now at the very top of my bag wish list that you saw here.  And from that list, I think the Mulberry Alexa is now at the top of my sister's wish list after a detour to the Mulberry store.  

I wish you all sweet dreams of fabulous handbags or whatever is on your fashion holiday wish list. 


  1. oh my gosh, that coat is ADORABLE! i probably would have gotten it in navy too :) the ruffle really makes it.
    glad to have stumbled upon your blog, i am from the Boston area as well and have a lifestyle blog!

  2. I love the coat. Camel is not a great color for me either so navy would be my pick. I'm also loving that bag. My radar is always up for a good handbag. I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to them.