14 December 2010

It's All About the Shoes

When you're as shoe obsessed as me, shoes serve so many purposes.  They're memories of things you did when you wore them or souvenirs of places you've visited.  For the better part of my twenties, my family traveled at Christmastime to Europe; most often to Italy but once or twice we went to France or England.  I got these shoes on a trip to Nice one December over ten years ago.  They were a gift from my father.  As a family we long ago stopped the exchange of Christmas gifts but birthdays are still giftworthy and since my birthday is shortly after the holidays, I picked out many a gift for myself on these trips.  

J Crew jacket, Banana Republic pants, Kenzia shoes
These shoes sat ignored and untouched in my closet for I don't know how many years but they recently popped into my consciousness and today I dressed for them. 

Hermes belt, leather and studded bracelets from SoHo street vendors
On another note, on my last jaunt to NYC I popped down to SoHo to check out the street vendor wares and bought a few versions of these fun leather and studded bracelets which I wore today.

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