30 December 2010

Is the Snow Gone Yet?

It's finally started to warm up a bit and it's supposed to be close to 50 degrees this weekend.  Thank goodness, it should help to melt all the darn snow that makes getting around in any normal (fun) shoes impossible.

Theory cardigan, DVF top, Joe's Jeans, Cole Haan boots, Hermes belt
I was tempted to bundle up again today but decided instead to add some color to my life.  I bought this DVF top at Barney's on sale about a month ago and hadn't worn it yet but cozied it up with a cashmere Theory cardigan (from the Wrentham outlets).  I also wore my Cole Haan riding boots even though there's slush everywhere, the curbs are hard to navigate and the brick sidewalks in my 'hood are still so slippery.  At least they have rubber soles.

It's too bad that the pretty pleated tulip sleeve was hidden all day under my sweater.  The only person who appreciated it was the girl in the gym locker room who commented on it as I was getting changed.

Nava Glazer leather and chain long necklace, SoHo street jewelry bracelet

Chanel necklace
And as always, no outfit is complete without accessories and jewels.

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  1. i love your jewellery!
    happy new year darling ;)