15 March 2011

Spring Has Sprung

I know, I know.  Spring doesn't really begin until Sunday.  And even when the start of spring is official, here in Boston we're sure to continue having wintry days.  We even got a light snow flurry yesterday for goodness sake.  But in my little world, I'm living in spring.  I declared as much this weekend to my sister telling her that my winter wardrobe is so last season (literally)!  She reminded me that I make such bold declarations annually but I'm willing to suffer for spring fashion.  Like a postal carrier's creed, neither snow nor rain nor wind will stop me from wearing my spring wardrobe.

Banana Republic shirt, Kate Spade cardigan, RED Valentino pants, Louboutin shoes
In the spirit of winter being over in my world, I wore some fun light pink spring pants.  I bought them recently at the Valentino store on Newbury Street.  I should mention that the store is filled with the RED Valentino line (and not the high high end line) which is more at the Kate Spade or DVF price point.  The pants were extra long so instead of having them hemmed I had them cuffed at the bottom.

Hermes belt, Coach necklace
The pants have this fun ruffle detail at the pockets which went along with the ruffle detail at the sleeve of my Kate Spade cardigan.

Happy spring!!

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  1. I never went in there because I thought it was the high end line, dangerous news for me! I am swooning over the ruffle detail, totally you and totally chic.