08 March 2011

Braving the Elements

I read somewhere today (twitter maybe?) of someone lamenting the tiresome weather talk.  But when one's blog is about what one wears and what one wears is so often dictated by the weather, how can one avoid it?  I remember a time long ago when I used to go from temperature controlled home to temperature controlled car to temperature controlled workplace.  Maybe then I wouldn't be so laser focused on the weather, but city living requires me to brave the elements to get from point A to point B.  OK so having said all that, let's get to the point here.

Lanvin shirt, Zara pants, Manolo Blahnik shoes

Yesterday when I woke up it was lovely and spring-like so I dressed accordingly in this eggplant colored Lanvin top with Zara pants and animal print Manolos.

Zara jacket
I topped it off with this lightweight Zara jacket and a new ring bought at Elisha's shop the other day.

bracelet and ring from Elisha Daniels

Wouldn't you know by the time I left work yesterday it had gone from a balmy 50+ degrees down to a wintry 30 or so.  And to top it all off, my darned shoes got caught in the troublesome brick sidewalks and I literally stepped right out of them.

Manolo Blahnik pony kitten heels

And at the request of the lovely Style on the Couch here is the obligatory shoe close up.


  1. I get stuck in the brick sidewalks all the time. I can't tell you how many heels I've ruined.

    Love the bracelet and ring. Must get to Elisha's shop soon!

  2. If the shoes survived, can we get a close up of the Blaniks, please?


  3. Ahhhh the new coat makes an appearance! Camel on camel no less, love it! I got caught totally unawares that day too....the weather dropped and my light coat and cute flats were rendered totally ineffective. Cheers to warmer weather, and yes, we are still allowed to talk about it.