03 March 2011

Great Minds...

Let me start this by saying that my sister is gorgeous.  But sadly you will never really know since she won't let me post her pictures here.  However, she was quite pleased with her outfit yesterday which consisted of mostly Kate Spade that she got on sale at Bloomies on one of my recent jaunts to visit her in NYC.  She was so pleased that she sent me some photos to share with you, dear readers.

Kate Spade shirt, jacket and shoes

Kate Spade patent wedges

Chanel earrings, David Yurman ring, J Crew? bracelets
And true to form since my sister and I are so often on the same wavelength, I happened to wear the very same Kate Spade shirt on the very same day.

J Crew blazer, Kate Spade shirt, J Brand lovestory jeans, Hermes belt

Loren Bell necklace, J Crew oxfords
That's the thing about sisters, or at least about us, we often are thinking alike.

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  1. she hit the jackpot!! i love the shirt the two of you so aptly selected, and her jacket is also just gorgeous.