30 March 2011

Looks Like Spring, Feels Like Winter

This morning we had the promise of close to 50 degree weather.  It's all a tease since we're supposedly getting many inches of snow on Friday but yesterday's color splash inspired me to keep it up.

Kate Spade top, Zara skirt, Valentino shoes, necklace from Skinner auction
I bought this bright pink skirt from Zara this past weekend and decided to pair it with this lovely Kate Spade top.  You can't tell from the picture but I have on Spanx nude fishnet tights.  I don't like to wear regular nude hose, it feels a bit too matronly for me.  But a very subtle fishnet did the trick.  The only problem with the tights is that the toe wasn't reinforced and by the end of the day one of my toes was protruding through the tights.

RED Valentino coat
These shoes are my absolute faves right now.  I can't wait until it's officially warmer and they can make more regular appearances in what I wear.

I almost wore my tan Zara coat until I spotted this and realized it was the same pink as the skirt.  Plus I adore its whimsical girliness.

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