07 March 2011

Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning started with a vigorous session of bike intervals followed by a butt whooping by my trainer Sim.  But after that, I had the lazy Sunday I had hoped for.

H&M Jacket, Zara t, Banana Republic pants, Miu Miu shoes, necklace from Elisha

Post-workout, I ran some errands, got my nails done and then had an early dinner.  And since it was oh so warm I didn't need a proper coat other than this little H&M jacket over a striped T, black pants and my new Miu Miu cut-out oxfords that I had posted my joy in buying here.

Gratuitous shoe photo
Also, I should comment on the shopping bags piled on top of each other to the left in the first photo.  Since I live in a small apartment, there really isn't anywhere to hide my vacuum cleaner (and goodness knows I don't want to waste precious closet space for a vacuum!).  So I had the crazy idea to hide it behind these bags.  One of these days I'll get a screen or something to hide such things, but for now, the sculpture of shopping bags will just have to do.

As for my dinner out, I went to Michael Schlow's newest spot, Tico.  It opened only a few weeks ago and quite frankly, I wasn't all that anxious to try it.  I love to have a new neighborhood option but I like to let these places work out their kinks before I spend my hard earned dollars.  Nevertheless, since it was a Sunday and we were going early, I acquiesced.  Most of the menu consists of tapas so we tried a bunch of things.  We got:  crispy fried chicken tacos, meatballs with smoky tomato, mushroom and cheese quesadillas and serrano ham with tomato rubbed bread.  My one criticism is that I thought everything was a wee bit oversalted.  I thought the mushroom quesadillas were really delicious and would order them again.  I had high hopes for the tomato rubbed bread based upon a version served at another local spot (Toro) but it wasn't even close.  On a very positive note, the service was quite good.  Our servers were great in terms of pacing the food so we didn't get it all at once, my waterglass was always full and they checked on us enough without being overbearing.  All in all, a lovely way to end my weekend.


  1. Adorable shoes! Love the details.... And your jacket too!

  2. oh those shoes are absolutely FAB!!! love the color...

  3. I have not tried Tico. I will have to do that. I did go to Toro last week and I have to say it's one of my favorites in the South End. The corn on the cob, hot green peppers, garlic shrimp,aah.it's all so yummy. And I love the shoes you got. GORGEOUS!

  4. Haha, your casual Sunday outfit has still my weekday look beat!! Those shoes could really make any outfit though. Love. And thanks for introducing me to Atlantic Pacific, such style inspiration!!