24 March 2011

Louis Boston

Louis (prounounced Looooeeez) is an institution in this town.  For years it was housed in the fabulous Museum of Natural History building on Newbury Street but last year moved to its new location on Boston's waterfront.  I'm the first to admit my laziness when it comes to leaving my neighborhood.  When you live and work within three blocks plus have so many fantastic restaurants and shops within a stone's throw, who can blame me?!  But I will say the jaunt to visit Louis' waterfront location is well worth the trip.

The space is open and airy and uncluttered yet filled with loads of sumptuous goodies worth drooling over.

 I loved the contrasting grey and fluorescent green of this lace Alessandra Rich dress.

A pastel sequined Graham and Spencer skirt would have found its way home with me if not for its postage stamp size.

I'm loving this silk chiffon dress with splashes of light blue by Jonathan Saunders.  It's so floaty and flirty and feminine.

Ever the shoe fanatic, I couldn't help but ogle these Jason Wu beauties.

Louis fills a fashion and shopping void in Boston with designers not found elsewhere in our lovely little city.  Whether you're actually in the market to buy or just to be inspired, go check it out!


  1. Wow did you take these? I have not been in the new store yet but those shoes are definitely drawing me in. I have been to Sam's for drinks but I have not shopped in the store yet. I think I might need to do that soon.

  2. Yes I took them and the store is really gorgeous. Sam's is a great spot for drinks especially as the weather gets nicer so a shopping trip is an easy side activity!!

  3. Those shoes would look good at the end of my legs!!! Beauties!

  4. I didn't even know Jason Wu made shoes until last night. But oh my god, they were gorgeous!