13 March 2011

Into the Wild

My sister was up from NYC visiting this weekend so I've got some pictures for you out in the real world instead of from the confines of my apartment for a change.  One of these days I'll get the chutzpah to take my camera and tripod outside of my apartment.

Zara jacket, Joe's jeans, Chanel flats

It was a gloriously sunny, beautiful day yesterday so we spent the day romping around Newbury Street.  We gorged ourselves at the Parish Cafe and cured what was ailing us with a couple of bloody marys and then we were off.

Celine sunglasses, Miu Miu bag

Aris Geldis necklace, Chanel ring and pin, Elisha Daniels scarf

We hit Zara, Kate Spade, Chanel, Valentino and then made our way into the Prudential Center Copley Mall to hit Saks and a few other spots.

RED Valentino coat, Dior bag
After tuckering ourselves out and depleting our bank accounts, we rallied to meet friends for drinks at the Bristol Lounge and then dinner in the North End.  And I must tell you about our North End experience.  We had reservations at Vinoteca di Monica on Richmond Street.  Three of four of us arrived and they wouldn't seat us until we were all there despite the fact that there was no room at the bar to wait.  Meanwhile, they seated others at the two acceptable tables for four and then offered us a table no one would take.  You know those tables that are smack next to the host stand and in the way of the kitchen and servers?  You'd get jostled all night sitting there.  As we waited, even though they knew there was no room in the bar, they told one of my friends "Ma'am, you WILL wait in the bar or you WILL wait outside".  It was more than frustrating and I've never felt so unwelcome at a restaurant.  As my brother in law would say, we decided to "vote with our dollars" so we left.  We found ourselves at Artu where we were welcomed with open arms. 

Overall a great day, a not so great start to the evening, but in the end we laughed it off and were thankful for the company of great friends.  And thanks sis for taking the pictures, I miss you already!


  1. Shoulder pads are back! Wish I had been there with you.

  2. Oh I have serious closet envy!
    Can I ask if the RV flats are comfy? The red ones you have are wonderful.

  3. I find the RV flats quite comfy!

  4. Thanks for answering, I think I'll have to try out a pair!

  5. Love the flats and the sunglasses really suit you. I think if I ever visit Boston I will give that restaurant a miss though... terrible service!