17 April 2011

Sunday Supper - Simple Steak

Sometimes the most simple meals are the most tasty and Paris has been on my mind since I'm in the throes of researching a trip in June.  Inspired, I pulled out The Paris Cookbook by Patricia Wells and decided if I could get my hands on a good hangar steak, that would be tonight's dinner.

I prepared this onglet le Mauzac recipe from The Paris Cookbook and there's really nothing better than a flavorful cut of steak seasoned simply with olive oil, salt and pepper.  I served it with a couple of Ina Garten recipes for tomato feta salad and herbed rice.  The key to such simple cooking is high quality ingredents such as a good flavorful olive oil and a big chunk of Greek feta.

It was a lovely end to a perfect Sunday which by the way started with meeting a friend for a quick bite at a new spot in the 'hood called Wholy Grain where I had a delicious turkey, avocado and bacon wrap and was taunted by all the delectable looking muffins, croissants and cupcakes.  You can bet I'll be wandering back that way.  After lunch, we went to see the Bill Cunningham New York movie and if you haven't seen it, you must go.  It was truly 90 minutes of pure joy and entertainment.  I found myself laughing and smiling the whole time and even if you aren't a fashion lover (which I know you all are) you can appreciate his unique perspective and love of capturing New York. 

And if that wasn't all enough, I have some gorgeous rununculus in my apartment to remind me it's spring and make me happy.

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  1. Food looks so yummy!!! That salad looks to be a summer staple!