07 April 2011

About Face

This week's color extravaganza had a brief hiatus today.  I had grand delusions of wearing loads of color (blue and green and yellow oh my) but the temperature didn't cooperate with the vision in my head.  Instead I wore this lovely DVF top with little scribble hearts all over it.

DVF top, Banana Republic trousers
I mixed up the patterns with this Kate Spade jacket and basic black pants but couldn't leave the color totally at home.

Kate Spade jacket and shoes
To compensate I wore red Kate Spade platform peep toe pumps.  My tootsies were a wee cold this morning (I don't think it was even 40 degrees) but luckily my walk to work is short and sweet.


  1. You have just confirmed to me that I NEED some red shoes to go with most of my monochromatic outfits. Love the description about the weather now cooperating with your vision of your outfit. Such is happening to me in April in NYC so far, sigh!


  2. Yes some red shoes are in order!!!