04 April 2011

Florida Attire

I spent the last few days in the gloriously warm and sunny Florida weather.  After flight delays Thursday night, I made it down there and had a few days of sunning my winter white self.

Ann Taylor sweater, Talbots striped T, Zara pants, Chanel flats, Longchamp bracelet
Dressing for leaving the cold and arriving to the warm always poses some challenges especially since I needed to leave straight from work. 

Zara jacket, Elisha Daniels scarf
It was too cold to forgo the jacket so I picked a relatively light one just to get me to and from the airport.  I have these Zara pants in a few colors and they are so comfortable.  My only point of contention with Zara (which I LOVE) is their sizing.  I'm an 8-10 typically in pants and I have to buy extra large.  Doesn't that seem crazy?

Zara top, Kate Spade shorts, Loeffler Randall sandals, Coach necklace, bracelet from Wish Boutique

Celine sunglasses, Chanel bag
 I enjoyed baring my pasty white self in my summer clothes; it felt so good to have the warm sun on my skin.  Friday night we went out "on the town" if you can call it that when your night begins at 5 and ends at 8!  There's a very interesting adult community in North Florida about an hour outside of Orlando called the Villages.  Friday night brings all the town folk out for the evening's festivities and it was quite lively.  There were live music, crowded restaurants and outdoor bars; all the stuff of a thriving social scene for the over 55 set.

Everyone tools around in these tricked out golf carts like this Rolls Royce version I jumped in front of for a quick picture. 


  1. Love love love your Chanel flats. Adorable! I can't tell, are they gold or nude?

  2. Thank you! They are staples especially when traveling and they are shiny nude. I've worn them to death.

  3. Shorts and sun on your skin, oh I am weeping into my coffee is it still cold in NYC. Love the blue trousers in the first pic, I think I was channelling you on Monday again! Looks like you had a fabulous time, the picture of you sitting in the sun are so lovely...


  4. It was glorious! I also have Vegas at the end of this month to look forward to more warm and sunny weather.

  5. I'm always struggling with the sizes at Zara! Sometimes Medium is way too big, but often I can hardly squeeze my head through the holes!
    I adore your ballerinas and your love for coloured pieces.

    Big bisous!
    Le Choix Trois

  6. Thanks!! I'm loving color more than ever this year. It really brightens my day!

  7. Lissy, I love that Zara orange top! They have some great items right now. And love your banner-so colorful and fun!

  8. I actually bought the orange top in bright blue also (wearing it today). Zara is one of my faves and they have tons of color now which I love.

    I'm experimenting with the banner...glad you like it!!

  9. Zara's sizing is so wonky. Sometimes I can't even get a small on, sometimes it is too roomy, never the same sizing twice. But agreed, fabulous finds and colors there. I bought some hot pink pants last night (M) this time;)