22 April 2011

Facing Reality

H&M coat, DVF top, Zara pants, Marc Jacobs flats

OK people, it's late April.  A time of blue skies, fresh green grass and Easter bonnets.  This is not supposed to be a time of waking up to 40 degree weather.  Yet that is exactly what I've woken up to each day this week.  But I'm happily living in denial, even if that means I've been a wee bit chilled each day.  I wore this whimsical blouse from DVF with hot pink trousers from Zara and decided to punch it up again with the orange H&M coat.  And while my office is casual, I looked a wee bit out of place on this particular day as I had a meeting with some total suit types.  There they are in their buttoned up suits and in I prance in my hot pink pants. 

Necklaces: Banana Republic, J Crew, Nava Glazer  Bracelets: Soho street, vintage gold charm bracelet (my grandma's), LV ring
Being the accessories addict that I am, I really piled it on this day with three necklaces, two bracelets and a ring. 


  1. Lovely blouse. I love you in skirt better, but that´s just me, a skirt lover!!!

  2. I love skirts too! Its still been too darn chilly for skirts without tights and I refuse to wear tights now that it should be spring like!!

  3. I love how you rock the brights.
    So over this chilly Boston weather, too!

  4. I love that you're wearing pink pants! My goal is to find a red pair ASAP!

  5. Haha - I can tell by your outfits lately that you're in denial, but we need your brights! Keep it coming! I love those pink pants. I tried them on in red, but they were too small in one size and too big in the next. Don't you hate that?

  6. Ohh, I love the leather wrap bracelets. So cute!

    lexi @ Glitter & Pearls