26 April 2011

Idle Time

I had a brilliant outfit planned for today but when I woke up to the weather report of clouds, possible showers and cooler than expected weather, I realigned my vision.

DVF top, Talbot's skirt, See by Chloe shoes, Aris Geldis necklace
I wore a DVF top, Talbot's leather skirt and See by Chloe shoes.

Still in need of a light jacket, I wore this Talbot's coat, Zara scarf and remember my shopaholic tendencies from the NYC weekend I posted about here?  Well darling blog readers, meet my new Balenciaga bag purchased at Bergdorf's.  You can thank my brother in law for this one.  My sis and I were doing a lap around 5F and he decided to belly up to the bar for a beer while waiting for us.  Well our 5F lap took less than 5 minutes but with a large full beer in front of him, we decided to kill some time down in handbags.  This is what happens to me when left with idle time at one of my favorite stores.  A Gucci bag is what happened to my sister with our idle time.


  1. Ooh, I adore that bag! Excellent work, brother in law.

  2. That brown leather skirt with the orange top is BRILLIANT!!! I have a similar skirt and now I´m definitely inspired! :D


    P.S: I have a beautiful jewelry giveway on my blog today, would love for you to come by! :D

  3. Hurrahhhhhhhhhhh, you are wearing a skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am a skirt lover. I know American women love their pants, but I just go weak in the knees when afaced with a skirt.

  4. I do love my pants, but I also love my skirts and dresses. More to come now that the weather is hopefully getting warmer!!

  5. Thanks for visiting! Your blog is lovely and actually I think I've wandered over there before but had lost track of it so thanks for the reminder!!

  6. I am so loving the bag!! I've been wanting one for years and finally pulled the trigger. I was hemming and hawing over color but I'm happy with the neutral color of this one.

  7. So this is the famous (infamous?!) bag! I heard about this story wow you girls know how to maximise your shopping time. I wonder what would have happened if your brother and law decided to take his time over a bottle of wine... :-) Fabulous bag, I love it